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Superhydrophobic liquid glass coating

Superhydrophobic surfaces, such as the leaves of the lotus plant, are those that are extremely difficult to wet. The   contact angles of a water droplet exceeds 150° and the roll-off angle is less than 10°.

This is referred to as the Lotus effect.  

SiO2 is the technical term for Liquid Glass. It is made by extracting molecules of SiO2 – Silicon Dioxide – (the primary constituent of glass) from quartz and sand.  These molecules are then added to a propellent,  either water or ethanol to form a Liquid Glass spray or wipe on liquid    The flexible and breathable liquid glass coating serface is approximately 100 nanometres thick,  that’s 500 times thinner than a human hair, and so it’s completely undetectable. 

Liquid Glass is food safe, it’s environmentally friendly (winner of the Green Apple Award) and it can be applied to almost any surface within seconds.

Any surface that gets coated with Liquid Glass becomes easy to clean and gives anti-microbial protection (Winner of the NHS Smart Solutions Award).  

Once coated, surfaces like screens and cases on your mobile devices, sinks, windows, glasses, cups, crockery, ovens, car windscreens, wedding dresses, leather/suede jackets, ties or any other protected surface become stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with water – no cleaning chemicals are necessary.

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